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Look only at the difference between the water level of the football score

During the process of football betting, if unilaterally to understand football score positions, on both sides of the team came to understand, may be there is some deviation, but it is not very big deviation, because a lot of players for the team will have an understanding of the basic judgment, this basic judgment has played a key role, the water level of the gap is relatively easy to distinguish, this no doubt about whether the football betting more accuracy have great influence, therefore also caught the attention of the height of the masses of gamers.
One, football betting dish mouth to a comprehensive understanding
1, in reality, there are a lot of football betting dish is such, if the player does not refer to this dish, as long as the simple calculation of the odds has been very good, before the choice of players need to refer to the gap between the two defense strength. Many players will think that the side with low water is safer, but they don't know what other players think, and some players will choose the side with high water. These two choices also represent different ways of thinking of the two types of players. If you just look at the water level difference, maybe the player will have more evidence.
2, actually level the gap caused by not more than one level of division, which is including water, divided into three levels, if the gap from high to low, many players will think of the problems of the football betting dish, actually such water is less, no more than the water level of a partition, not more than too much. To keep a balance of water level is more difficult to make a decision, and this is why there are so many players to view different reasons, your perspective may be different, but in the end the problem but not different, on the basis of first is the problem of water level, the gap between sex if around 0.1, can be regarded as the safest area, because the banker floating the idea of not too big, in the span of water level is not high.
3, there is no doubt that pose as banker is mostly based on the final winner, but it does not mean that every time he will profit from it, the first is the work of his hands and skills, in the early morning when he thought of a lot of problems, as well as the public player's psychological thought, because most players are based on a comparison of standard of judgment, but not enough to make such a judgment banker is satisfied. But did the bookmakers also consider the water level of these soccer bets? Of course, he took into account that the water level in the mouth of the plate is one of the most comprehensive data, so most players will think in this way to think about the problem, but this is what the banker thinks.
Two, dish mouth in the old color people often appear mistake
1, look at the dish mouth need is skill, but also test the ability to judge the lottery, in fact, a lot of lottery in which there will be some mistakes, such as the understanding of the water level, when the lottery see the water level, such as 1.025, 0.925 this gap, but for the lottery is only the standard to measure the odds.
2, the home team is mostly the winner, in the strength will be stronger than the visiting team, but this is not too great significance in the dish mouth, because the dish mouth will always present the most balanced state, but also in order to let the lottery can not find a way to bet. But this also illustrates a problem, that is, the selection of the upper plate and the lower plate, in the selection of the time I suggest that the general plate mouth, high water to choose the upper plate, this is a more accurate choice. This also loses the true view of water level. Such mistake actually a lot of lottery people can have, final choice is low water mostly, this is a kind of subconscious choice, but cannot let kind of psychology come to control your choice however, otherwise the road that may end up taking banker.
3, there are some old lottery players, they are playing for a long time lottery players, will certainly have more special views on some problems, and see problems more thoroughly, but it is because of this will also make mistakes, when judging things will think they have seen everything. In fact, the banker is not stupid, in the treatment of problems will be thoughtful, so that the words will present a psychological tactics of the war, but ultimately will only be the banker won, every time the banker will be more than the player lottery to make a step, this is why he is always the final winner of the reason. Too clever, the Angle that thinks a problem also became a habit, may see which dish mouth can think to have a problem among them, think so wrong actually, also often bring wrong direction to oneself bet induct, cause economic loss.
Third, alternative reverse betting needs to grasp the key points
1, plate mouth of the lottery people have mastered a different kind of reverse betting? In fact, this kind of betting needs to master a lot of points, on the one hand is the idea of the banker, which is the most difficult to guess, because only some data is certain to be unable to accurately guess, so without this basis in the betting will certainly not have a certain accuracy. Bettor people can think of these problems before betting, but although think of reverse betting, can't master this kind of key point finally, in fact, when considering the bookmaker's means of operation, it is necessary to think of the problem of water level, usually the water level in the case of high water there will be some tricks. It is difficult to make a decision on the water level that can maintain a certain balance, which is also the reason why so many players have different views. They may see the problem from different angles, but the final basis of the problem cannot be different. This is a problem that players need to be clear about.
2, if the banker from psychological tactics affect the lottery, the water level will appear a big gap, and the lottery in the betting time will produce a big deviation, may be a 0.975 a 0.775 will make you difficult to choose. Some punters are very clever, the means of banker, using the reverse way of thinking to determine, in accordance with common sense, the water level of 0.775 should be a choice can win, but the banker won't so silly, if so easy, many punters will certainly such choice, will eventually let banker lose everything.
3, the odds of football is not fixed, fixed, even category is not strictly for the entire tournament champion, runner-up, second team to win the championship of speculation will also become one of the projects of football betting, natural relative to ordinary speculation is between two teams, it's more difficult to look, but also the odds is relatively high. The so called do not fight the battle of uncertainty is also here, no one wants to bet in vain, so in football account completion, the player's first task is to conduct a comprehensive analysis.

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